Colourway: Ella
Reference: F2544/AT5623.17
Width: 138cm
Composition: 87% Wool/13% Silk
Usage: drapery, walling, blinds and cushions, bedspreads

Vero Fabrics uses only the finest natural yarns and collaborates with the best heritage weavers in the UK. The Vero wool collection offers an edited range of colours and textures which are dyed and woven using the finest British wool used in both tailoring and interiors.

This double faced plain wool is woven on a silk warp and given a ‘cashmere’ finish at the mill to enhance the softness of the drape and handle. 

Other weights, textures and qualities are also available in this colour.

For help with samples or for more information and prices, please contact

info@verofabrics.com or call +44 (0) 1728 666 413

Standard colourways in the collection are available as A5 swatches. To request samples, please email info@verofabrics.com

To order, please provide design ref, colour ref and drop lengths, where appropriate. The width of the fabric is 138cm and the composition is 87% wool & 13% silk.

Lead times

All the designs are woven to order in England. The lead time is approx. 4-6 weeks from receipt of payment.

Minimum orders

All orders under 10m are subject to a 20% surcharge per metre. 

Customising colour

Custom colours are available, please quote Pantone references or send cuttings. The lead time is 2 weeks and will be subject to a sampling fee.