Patterns - Ombres - Vero Fabrics, Suffolk

Our unique ombre panels can be custom coloured and woven to the exact measurements of your window. The advantages of this Jacquard woven ombre gives designers full control of the colour gradation which allows them to create something totally original and tailor made to the space they are designing. There are multi-faceted options across this design which makes it one of the most versatile and dynamic in our collection. Each ombre panel is joined together by your curtain maker creating a beautiful seamless drape with no additional sewing. We also specialise in weaving vertical ombres which work beautifully as both drapery and cushions. We fervently believe in working and supporting British manufacturing and all our designs are woven using the finest yarns in a heritage mill in England. To make an enquiry or for further information, please email or call +44 (0) 01728 666 413

Our ombre panels are available from George Spencer Showroom, Chelsea Harbour, London

View our Ombre Information Guide for artwork and further explanation in how each design works