Colour: Mist
Reference: GA3377D
Width: 138cm
Motif size: 44cm
Horizontal repeat size: 17.15cm
Composition: 100% Trevira CS
Usage: Curtains, upholstery for light use
Origin: Woven in England

Elsa is inspired by Annie Albers weaving techniques and experiments with overlaying and integrating different textures. Woven in England in 100% Trevira CS, the design can feature anywhere on the drop, depending on the layout of your scheme.

Customising colour
In addition to the standard colour ways in the range, all our fabrics can be custom coloured. 
For help with your order or for more information and prices, please contact info@verofabrics.com or call +44 (0) 1728 666 413
Elsa (Double Row) Approval Form
Elsa Approval Form

To order Elsa, please refer to the artwork and mark up the dimensions on the approval form. There are different depths the design can be woven in. We require the total drop length including hemming and heading allowance plus the number of drops required.

Lead times
The production time is approximately 4-6 weeks from receipt of payment and drop lengths. Please allow additional time for FR treatment.
Contract specification
Elsa is woven using 100% Trevira CS yarn which is inherently flame retardant and can be tested to meet the relevant FR code. Full FR code adherence certification and valid importation licences can be supplied. Fabric can also be treated for soil and stain repellence. 
Minimum orders
The minimum order is 25m.
Elsa (Double Row) Approval Form
Elsa Approval Form