Marriott, Grosvenor Square, London

Marriott, Grosvenor Square, London

Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London

Interior Designer
RPW London 

Design and supply of seamless drapery for 240 bedrooms

Answering The Brief

RPW had developed a concept whereby a cotton braid was attached to a light weight wool, unfortunately due to the cost of the pure wool together with the additional sewing required this resulted in the fabric being over budget. Vero Fabrics was contacted due to one of the designers seeing one of our seamless panels and asked us to come up with a solution which covered the stringent FR requirements of the hotel but still maintained the look and feel of the original drapery. This also had to fall within the budget.

Design Process

Firstly we developed an inherently FR base fabric that closely resembled the wool in both colour and handle, this was a far more cost effective option. We then designed a braid which was seamlessly woven into the base fabric negating the need for any extra sewing. The braids were placed exactly to the design specification of the room so they work with the parametres of the furniture.

A number of colour trials were put through the mill to achieve the correct colour. The result was a drapery fabric unique to that hotel in both design and colour

The Specification

The fabric was woven at one of our mills based in the UK using the finest FR yarns. The design was woven in 140cm width panels at a height of 3.5m and then simply sewn together by the curtain maker. The resulting drape was beautiful partly due to the braid being woven into the fabric and not attached

To meet the FR certification required the fabric was woven using inherently FR yarns which passed BS5867 Part 2 Type B & C

The fabric was woven and supplied at 4-6 week intervals to accommodate the curtain maker and the installation. We were also able to change the height of some of the panels for some of the suites in the hotel too.


Working closely with our highly skilled manufacturers in the UK, we were able to ‘value engineer’ the fabric to work within the contractor’s budget and time frame. All the sourcing, dying and certification and delivery was managed by Vero Fabrics. Meetings with the interior designer and the curtain maker on site ensured that the brief was met on time and on budget. Our fabrics are woven in England which gives us greater control at all stages of production. We also benefit from weaving to order, so we can supply extra fabric whenever needed quickly and the dye colour is never out of stock.

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